My today 19th of July 2014

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I woke up like ten times during last night because my body temperature was going from fever to normal and back. At morning I felt quite bad but still better than yesterday.

Hot shower, tea, uniform on and walk to work. I asked to go home early but unfortunately today was the busiest day at this summer so far with 8000 guests (I like busy days but the fact is that it’s more difficult to go home early). During first hour I felt quite bad but because of heat and lot of things to do I became a bit better during the day. I punched out about 4.15 and walked back home. 

At home a made more tea and hot lentil soup and watched videos from Youtube and read some medical stuff. During this summer I have become more sure that medicine is right choice for me. Things that have make my home alone time good are:

  1. USMLE step 1 free study guide from:
  2. Dr Thomas McClellan’s Youtube channel and live surgery videos there.
  3. Speed anatomy –app for iPhone

I know this might sound crazy but I’m missing my studies and pole dancing classes more than anything. 😀 Plan for night is some movie, maybe some studying and then sleeping. I’m already tired to be sick and I want to work whole day at Kahuna tomorrow.

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