My today 18th of July 2014: Day off

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Today me, Aliisa, Anniina, Lina and Noora went to Madison for couple of hours. Aliisa borrowed car from her working place (Tommy Bartlett) and drove us there.

IMG_0341 kopio IMG_0350 kopio IMG_0352 kopio IMG_0362 kopio

At first we walked around downtown, visited some shops and beach. We had a lunch at così. The food was fresh, tasty and quite cheap. At first I ordered regular sized tomato basil soup with whole wheat bread. The soup was super small like a side soup. I was quite disappointed because there was three size options and I thought that regular would be, well, regular.

I talked with cashier about size issue and asked for creek salad (my friends ordered different salads and they all looked very good and tasty). I got superb salad with half price. At first I was very disappointed but after all I’m happy. They served me very professionally and made me feel comfortable. I think that complaining customers are real test for corporation and così passed it. 🙂 I will recommend that restaurant for friends if they want tasty, healthy salad.

IMG_0368 kopio IMG_0366 kopio

After eating we drove to Whole Foods Market that’s good grocery store with a lot of vegan stuff and organic foods. Fresh berries, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, cheeses, wines, nuts, vegan ices (coconut! and soya at least)… I just felt in love! Food was more expensive than in Walmart but because of the quality it was worth of money. I will definitely go there again! I bought strawberries, soya sausages, soya milk, red lentils and fresh salmon (the salmon was, again, a disappointment – in Finland salmon includes lots of good fatty acids, like omega3s but here in States is always dry and tastes like cod if you compare it to Finnish Salmon).


From Whole Foods we drove to shopping mall called West Towne Mall. When we arrived there we had only 40 minutes for whole mall because we had to be back in Dells at 5 because the car had to be back then. Thus I ran around super quickly and decided to come back. There were a lot of nice shops like Apple, Victoria’s Secret and Gap.

kuva kopio

From there we just drove back to Dells. Now I’m home alone and other girls are at some boat, drinking with other people from Finland. I don’t drink and moreover I’ve been sick whole day and I would really like to become better until tomorrow (working day at my favorite pool, Big Kahuna). Some of my friends have been sick during last week and now I’ve horrible headache and fever and all my muscles and joints hurt very bad. At the morning I felt like dying, then I was okay, then dying, okay, almost normal, dying… Now I don’t feel too sick but I’m not good either. I just hope I’ll get better soon. Lots of fruits, rest, hot tea… Maybe I’m all right tomorrow?



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