My today 16th of July 2014: Working

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I’ve realized that I’m always doing posts about my day offs but the truth is that 80% of my days here are working days. So I decided to write about my today that’s all about working.


6.40: I woke up, grapped my clothes and went out for a walk and circuit training


8.10: done with training, so I took a shower, ate my everyday breakfast (apple, 1/2 cup of oatmeal, about 1 cup fat free cottage cheese + chocolate flavored MilkSplash and water), wear my uniform and packed my breakfast into my backpack.


8.40: walking to work, it takes about 20-30 minutes to walk 1.8 miles from Harbor to Noah’s


9.15: See your manager, choose your starting spot and chat with coworkers, fill water bottle, put sunscreen on and get ready to go.


9.30: in-service time! In-services are about practicing our lifeguarding skills, we have to do four every week. It’s possible to do one every morning and one after work. This morning we had spinals at Adventure river.


9.50: Take your spot and get ready. Grap your medkit, tube and water bottle and go. Then start scanning and be ready to save people. Today I was at the Big Kahuna wave pool and I started from kiddie side’s deep chair.


10.00: Park opens


10-12.43: Lifeguarding at kiddie side (we rotate in every 30-40 minutes, after 3-7 spots we have break). Nothing special, just making sure that everybody is save and following the rules. My last spot before break was the gate that is one of my favorites. Other spots in Kahuna are scanning spots but at the gate you can talk with people and have fun with them if there is not too busy. I love to talk and help people so I like that spot a lot.


12.43-1.13: First break. Eating, toilet, chatting, filling the water bottle and adding sunscreen. Today I had to do two dives during my break because customers had dropped their stuff at the pools. After that I punched back in and went to Kahuna’s deep end with my rotation partner (We have 30 minutes break but we can’t rotate when the waves are on, so, we have to wait 0-10 minutes after break before rotating). This time we had a lot of fun together. It’s the best part of work that there are so many super awesome people with nice jokes, spontaneous moments (like today) and good conversations.


1.20-5.08: Guarding at Congo side. One save for me and some for others. It wasn’t too warm because I was wet and Congo side was shadowy at the evening but luckily time goes fast at the Kahuna because of waves and people in pool.


5.09-5.50: Second break, just chilling with coworkers, eating, etc.


5.50-7: Guarding at the kiddie side again. Nice and warm, not too many people or anything special.


7.00: Park closes (that means that people has to leave pools and slides but they can still go to gift shops, candy stores, etc.)


7.05: Pool is empty and I took my rescue tube back to its place. After that I jumped into pool to swim tubes back to Kahuna beach.


7.10: Listening feedback for today. Today was kind of special because we had Ellis and Associates auditing us at the park today. That’s an organization that provides us our licenses and makes sure that we’re doing what we should. When they audit us they take videos of our guarding, do some live audits (ask someone act like she/he is drowning and make us save them) and ask us do some in-service for them, usually it’s spinals.


7.15: In-service number 2, saves at the Kahuna


7.25: Go home time


8.00: Back home. Cooking for tonight and tomorrow, showering, relaxing, etc.


11.00: I was thinking about party but I have to work 9.30 tomorrow so I decided to go to bed early.

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