My Today 13th of July 2014: day off in Wisconsin Dells

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I woke up late (like 9am but it’s late after working everyday from 9.30 and waking up 8am) and started my morning with nice and slow breakfast and 80 minutes training (40min running + 40min upper body + abs circuit and stretching). After that I cooked delicious chicken wraps for lunch (wrap included low fat cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, chicken, salsa and red and green pepper). 


After hanging out for a while and cooking snacks for tomorrow Siiri and I walked to Jet boat tours and had a tour. It was fun, fast and wet. Further it was free with eec. Nice thing to do when it’s super hot like today. Tour takes about 50 minutes. 

kuva 1 kopio 20140713_144804_Android

At the evening we took a buffet in restaurant called Crabby’s. They have buffet with different kind of salads and mostly deep fried foods (chicken, cod, corndogs, fries, ribs). Salads were very good and there was nice homemade potato salad, coleslaw, nice salsas and other stuff than just Walmart salad (in most of buffets here they have just same things that you can buy from there in ready to use packages). I’m not very into deep fried stuff but ribs and non-fried chicken were good. The buffet was 17.99 + tax + tips for one adult. So our total for two was 45USD that’s expensive for that food I think. In total the food was okay but the price was far too much for that. 

kuva 2 kuva 5 kuva 4

On way home we visited Tommy Bartlett Exploratory that is science center with many hands on exhibits (like Heureka in Vantaa, Finland). It was quite fun, I think it’s more fun for children but still. And it’s free with eec so why not? Tour takes about 1 to 2 hours 


After Bartlett I went running with my friend Roope. We ran around Lake Delton. It’s about one hour and there is not too much traffic, thus I like to run that route couple times a week. It’s kind of fun that in Finland I don’t run at all but because we don’t have gym, fitness center or anything nearby I almost like running and outdoor circuit training nowadays. 

I feel quite happy at the moment. That’s because of training and eating (mostly) healthy and because I spoke with lifeguard’s supervisor yesterday and she promised me to try to do better schedule for me for rest of the summer (I have had two weeks and next week with almost only 9.30 mornings. Problem is that I love training at morning time so if I can begin 10.30 I have time to work out but otherwise I just work but don’t exercise that much. So now I have survived by training more than 15 minutes just in day offs but I think that she will arrange me more work out time 🙂 )

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