Wisconsin Dells (/Lake Delton)

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So what is that mysterious little town where about 40 Finnish people and lots of people all around work and live for a summer? Mid-Western city with under 3000 citizens and hundreds of tourist attractions?


Where is Wisconsin Dells? You can find it at the starred point of map above. Map from: http://www.eachtown.com/Wisconsin/City/Wisconsin-Dells;46769/

Basicly this is city that is designed for people driving here for holiday, not for everyday life. This is fun place to live for a week, okay for a month but not too fun for longer time. Of course it depends on what do like to do and eat but for me three months in row is enough.

IMG_9547 kopioIMG_9518

Main street, Broadway

IMG_9546 kopio

Upper Dells Boat Tour’s starting point nearby Broadway

IMG_9506 kopioIMG_9505 kopio


IMG_9521 kopio

Local indian shop for tourists

IMG_9522 kopio

Nice little cheese shop with lots of local cheese (there was everything from basic cheese via mozzarella to chocolate cheese)

IMG_9526 kopio

Only gym like thing I have found so far. They have group fitness like zumba and pilates – I’m going to try this place later.

IMG_9530 kopio


IMG_9535 kopio

Locals’ houses

IMG_9537 kopio

Playground for kids

Wisconsin Dells has little downtown area that includes (too) many restaurants with unhealthy, mostly American food, fudgeries, candy stores, souvenir shops, tourist attractions like Ripley’s museum and Upper Dells boat tours… There are some “normal” things like local grocery store, library, church and local cheese shop. There is some nightlife places too (Showboat and Mama’s). You can walk around downtown in like 30-60 minutes so, it’s really small.


View from my housing. I live in that tile house on the right and the lake is Lake Delton.

Another area where we spend most of our time is Lake Delton area. There are J1 workers housings like Harbor Point, Ravina, Lake Delton hotel, etc. In this area we have couple of restaurants, post office, banks, liquor stores, Noah’s Ark and Tommy Bartlett.

IMG_9561 kopio

Wisconsin Dells Parkway

Between Downtown Dells and Lake Delton there is tourist things like water parks, go-karts, restaurants, museums, zoo, night club (Wett) and about all you can imagine. From Harbor Point to downtown is like 3-4miles, that’s about 7-8 kilometers.


Wisconsin Dells area map (edited, link to original version): http://www.sherwoodforestcamping.com/wisconsin-dells-area-map.htm

When you’re living in Dells you probably visit Tanger and Walmart too (quite often 😉 ). They are in different directions than downtown and it’s about 2 miles  (3-4 km) to both of them. Btw for students / J1 people taxi is always like 7USD when the distance is max 3 miles (at least in summer 2014).

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