My 2.-3.7.14: day offs

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2.7.14 I was supposed to work but the pool where I was scheduled were closed so I had an extra day off. This was the first time during this summer when I get two days of in row. This was also the first day that I spend without lots of people around. I celebrated my day off and went to Dynasty’s buffet (I’ll make review of it soon) and used the rest of the day with my computer and new daily planner. Now I’ve done schedule for next fall’s university studies, yeah! At night me, Anniina and Lina went out for a walk and circuit training. So, I had a nice chill out day with no hurrying.


3.7.14 After one relaxing day off was time for a lot of walking and doing everything with Noora who also had a day off.

About 10am we left home and walked to Duck Dock where the Original Wisconsin Ducks tour begins. We took a tour (it’s free with employee entertainment card) and it was nice – beautiful nature, driving land and lakes around, little bit speed, some funny jokes from driver… Totally it was relaxing hour. I recommend you to go when the weather is nice and warm.

After Ducks tour we walked to downtown and visited Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum (also free with eec) witch was a disappointment – it was a tiny museum with lots off plastic stuff that was trying to look like something from Ripley’s show. I like the show but that plastic stuff were very lame.

After Ripley’s we grapped some food from Zinkie’s, a local grocery store and carried on walking to Tanger (once again, haha). Because of 4th of July (America’s independence day) there were sales in every shop. Combine payday and day off with brilliant outlet mall with sales… So, my salary is almost gone (once again). But really, it’s so crazy that stuff that would cost like 100EUR in Finland is about 15USD here. Thus I’m kind of saving money, right?

From Tanger we went to UNO’s Pizzeria and Grill because a) we were starving after 15 miles of walking and shopping and b) our friends had recommend us that place many many times we haven’t still eat there yet. Shortly, the food was very cheap and quite good (I’m doing a review) and I would like to go there again to test other foods from the menu.

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