My today 29.6.14: Not my day… :D

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Today was almost like any other day except couple things like 1. I locked myself out of my room (and of course my cellphone, keys and everything where in it), 2. I was supposed to take salad with me to work… At the lunch break I realized that I had taken wrong box with me so I had box filled with fried salmon instead of my salad, 3. How to get in the locked room? Ask one of the housing supervisors for extra keys and get someone to break in your room, haha. 😀

At the beginning of this summer I said that I’m sure that I’ll once forget my keys at work (that happened last week) and lock my keys in my room. So maybe the rest of the summer will be better luck with the keys?

At the moment I’m eating lentil soup (like every day last 3 days, I’m so in love with normal food! Pizza? No. Pasta? No. Burger? No thanks. Nice vegetarian soup with lots of flavors? Yes, please! 🙂 ), then to shower, something and sleeping. I’ll be working from 9.30am to 7-7.30pm next three days.  However we will have employee party tomorrow – neon colors, dancing, all coworkers and free buffet. Sounds good!

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