My today 28.6.14: Day off in Wisconsin Dells

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Yesterday we had a little nice hang out night so I went to bed like 3 or 4am. So, today I woke up 11am eat nice and slow breakfast and enjoyed the feeling that I don’t need to hurry. At the morning we walked to Walmart, shopped everything and came back by taxi.

And then the best part of the day: Golfing at Christmas Mountain Village Golf Course, Wisconsin Dells. My six friends and I drive there, take free golf course with employee entertainment cards (normal price: 20-35 USD). We rented two golf carts for 20USD and 2 golf packs for about 50USD. So it was about 13USD per person for 9 hole golfing course, not bad!

Before today I had been on range training some basics but I hadn’t have any other touch to golf before. We all were about novices so we just trained how to play and had fun. I felt in love with golfing right away. You get a nice exercise for your body and brain, have fun with friends, enjoy the sun and summer, drive golf cart… I think we will go golfing again during this summer and I though that I would like to go golf in Finland too. Wink wink for friends who are reading this. 😉

IMG_9644 kopio 10516671_10152198207041769_1463689029938049659_n IMG_9638 kopio 10351325_10152198207371769_6320333583301712895_n

After golfing we went eating to worst restaurant were I’ve ever been. I think I’ll do a review of it but briefly it was fast food place with tasteless food, quite expensive prices and too many calories in everything. Culver’s was the name of the place by the way.


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