My today: 27th of June 2014

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Huh, what a day (again)! Working for 9.5 hours like everyday, but today was harder than the others because of the super hot and sunny weather (about +30 celcius, that isn’t actually hot in here but for me it was very hot). Sun is closer here and 20 in here feels like 30 in Finland. Some American coworker said me that it’s gonna be hotter in next weeks but will see. He talked about some heat wave thing when it’s like 40-50 celcius. I’d rather not think about it. I hope that I get used to the heat because now it feels too exhausting to deal with.

After work I cooked hot lentil soup (superb! Just mix vegetables, spices, lentils, tomato puree and cream cheese and boil everything together for like 10 minutes) and planned my schedule for fall. I also ordered new daily planner for academic year 2014-2015. I kind of miss studying already. At work you don’t need to use your brain and it’s like same stuff for ten hours everyday. I would love to talk to people and learn new things. Okay, I admit that is quite relaxing that I don’t need to worry about homework, deadlines and stuff like that but still I miss those. However, I’m quite sure that I’ll miss this summer’s schedule when I’m back at the school (90 credits for fall here I come, omg I’m already tired when I even think about that amount of courses… Generally we do about 40-60 per academic year i.e. 2 periods but because of my douple major goal I’ll do more than that in one period)

During last hours we have hanged out with our Finnish friends in Harbor Point – just talking and having fun. Some of us were drinking… thus some our friends went swimming and we were trying to find them for couple of hours. They had swum somewhere, at least to some bar nearby, haha. 😀

Yeah, tomorrow is gonna be my day off and we have planned to go to Madison or do something fun in Dells. I would like to go to Madison again (I’m so in love with that city!), I let you know later what we actually did. 🙂

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