Restaurant Review: Noodles (Wisconsin Dells)

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I’ve been missing fresh food, nice little appetizer soups, tasty healthy salads and other dishes that you could it and feel good after them. In Noodle’s they have lots of different main dishes witch you can take with or without meat and appetizer. As an appetizer you can choose either salad or soup.

I ate Med Chicken Salad with tomato-basil soup. Soup was perfect, just delicious soup with nice texture, simple but wonderful. The main course included grilled chicken, some pasta, vegetables and salad dressing. I loved the chicken and texture of the pasta was just like it should be. Only thing I did not like was the salad dressing because it was too salty otherwise the dish was very good and I would definitely eat it again. 🙂

kuva 1 kuva 2

My friends ate different things than I (unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of their dishes). One of them had spaghetti & meatballs and he said that it was delicious and the size of the dish was optimal – not too big so you still feel good after it but on the other hand you were not hungry after it. Whereas The Med sandwiches that my other friends took where super tiny and expensive. Okay, they were tasty, so, they would be okay if you’re not hungry but if you really want to eat, do not order them (especially if you’re not ordering anything else).

Overall I’m quite sure that I’ll eat here again and recommend it to friends too. Service is friendly, prices are fine, food is superb and you get it super quick, decoration is okay and there are not any big things to complain. If you just want to have nice everyday food with friends this is right place to go!

kuva 3

4/5 ★


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