Tommy Bartlett Show & some words about foods in US

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What do you think, would it be a good idea to mix waterskiing, motorcycles, spaceship, Asian dance, American comedy show, circus stuff, super fast boats, all kind of music and huge American flag in two hours? Someone has really done it and that’s called Tommy Bartlett Show in Wisconsin Dells.

I really don’t know what to think about it. There was huge amount of extremely random stuff mixed up together and super American styled speaker. American audience laughed a lot and I’m quite sure that they really enjoyed.

Everything was just so different than Europe. I mean, try to imagine waterskiing people with EU-flag suites, or huge flag of Finland with some national hymn at the end of the show. Hah, that would be so funny. But yeah, the show was so different and so big mess that I kind of liked it. At least there was a lot of good stuff in it even though those different things had nothing to do with each other. 😛 So, if you want to do something super random and super American, go and try that show!

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Ps. I bought Ben & Jerry’s for the first time of my life today. Yummyy! Okay, I bough two flavors and one was superb and another was just fine. All the girls who live with me are eating B&J’s like everyday. 😀


This one (Half baked) and some mint thing are my favorites. There is 800kcal in package of this and 1200kcal at the other one so I decided to “eat healthy” and buy this one haha. 😀


Pps. We have been eaten so much crazy foods and snacks here. I can understand why Americans are generally fatter and eat less healthy than Europeans. Or do you for example think that popcorn is nutritious? The package said so. Or do you think that portion called taco salad is healthy if it includes more meat and fried stuff than vegetables.

IMG_9403 IMG_9405

Crazy stuff from last week. Noora’s special, Jell-O shots (dangerous stuff, really) and some American thing (I don’t remember it’s name at the moment) where is cookies, marshmallows and chocolate. They are super easy to do (and super messy to eat) – put the marshmallow on the cookie and microwave them about 15secs add chocolate and another piece of cookie.




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