My crazy Monday

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5.30am I woke up because someone is calling. My iPhone tells me it’s from my Finnish bank – this must be important, I think and answer. It’s just about some customer satisfaction survey. After closing the phone I realized that there was no electricity or wlan in my housing.

5.30-7am watching documents from computer and hanging out with flashlight

7-8am Breakfast, etc. still no electricity or wlan. Yesterday I decided to walk downtown this morning to get my employee entertainment card (eec), I googled the route last night but I didn’t check the name of the place were I should go.

8-9am Walking from lake Delton to Downtown. I get lost (and a little panicked) couple times because I didn’t want to be late at work but I wanted to get that card today (my next day off is Sunday so in next 7 days this was my only opportunity). Finally I found the place where I could get one. It’s white building one block from Showboat you need to turn right and you’re there. You need to have id (passport), last paycheck and 15USD cash with you.

9-10am Walking from Downtown to Noah’s

10.30am-6.30pm working. Day was quite nice – sunny weather, lots of people but only few saves. My not-so-good luck wasn’t over yet… I was doing my bottom scan before the waves at the Big Kahuna (big pool with waves in every 10 minutes), I walked on the wall as usually and somehow I dropped to the pool. I’m not actually sure what happened but now I have huge bruises at my ankle, shin and back. I just remember that I was walking and then I was under water. 😀

6.30-8pm walking home, eating, etc

8-10pm Walmart shopping (again! Where does my food go? :P). I found new American snack favorite: cocoa roasted almonds. No sugar, no chocolate, they have good nutritional facts but taste so much better than just almonds. I’m in love! ❤




PS. I think I’ll do some longer post about Dells, lifeguard training or my work on Sunday (my day off 🙂 )

PPS. I learned a new thing about 12-hour based clock system. Midnight is 12am and midday is 12pm, so non-logical, isn’t it.

PPPS. Because I don’t have any pictures of today here is a photo of Miikka’s birthday party that we had in Harbor on Friday.


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