Today = extra day-off

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I love Tanger Outlet Mall! Today the weather was like super awful (thunder, rain, etc) so we had an extra day-off. We had already worked like 8 days without any day offs so we had lots of things we wanted to do. 😀 And maybe the best thing was that the weather was horrible for like two hours and now it’s sunny and nice.

At first we take a taxi to Tanger Outlet. I have visited it already like two or three times but I haven’t visited Hilfiger’s and Polo’s shops. From Polo I found nothing but Hilfiger rocked! I bought three superb shirts with only 43USD (32EUR). So cool! I have always loved Hilfiger’s clothes so I am really happy now. … But maybe I should have bought more of them? 😀 In Finland those would be more than 100 EUR total.


If you’re visiting Dells, you must go to Tanger! Nike, Adidas and everything cool with super cheap prices. I’d like to find more outlet stores nearby Dells (or at New York), at least Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Guess, Hugo Boss and Prada outlets would be nice to found. Please let me know if you know any! 😉

Now I’ll go running around lake Delton and then do something. Maybe I could watch some movie?

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