Restaurant Review Dynasty, Wisconsin Dells

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Yesterday me and my two friends visited a marvelous Chinese restaurant, Dynasty, next to Tommy Bartlett (easy to find and nice place to go after visiting Noah’s, Bartlett, etc). Decoration was traditional Chinese integrated with modern nightclub style.

kuva 2 kopio

Service and employees were awesome, service was quick, everybody were friendly and it was clear that they all were there just to help customers. I think service and food were the best parts of this restaurant.

Portion sizes were just right and prices were like 9-13USD per person. Only negative thing was that if you for example ordered chicken, the dish was just chicken and rice. In Finland there would always be some veggies too. Thus we decided that next time we order one veggie dish (note: we are going back 🙂 ).

kuva 3 kopio

Yesterday we ate:

–   Orange chicken (deep fried chicken that is in super sweet sauce)

–   Heavenly chicken (yummy! Delicious deep fried chicken)

–   Szechwan Beef (hot and spicy beef with some veggies, my favorite one of these dishes)

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