First working day passed

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Today was my first real working day and it was so much fun. Okay, I were a bit lost and did not understand everything that people tried to say to me. But I have just awesome coworkers – guards, controllers and managers all are just superb, customers were great, job is a good exercise because we have to run from one spot to another.

Today I was spotting area called “Jungle”. My rotation today included Stingray (bottom and top), Black Anaconda (top) and Point of No Return (top). I had mostly top spots because I’m still uncertified. All the Finns will have the training in next three days thus we can do all the spots after a few days.

I have always loved to work with people and though I think I could pass the deep guard tests I think I want to be a shallow one. Everyone said me today: “it is cooler to be deepie”. But I don’t find it cooler to scan your water than serve customers. Important work anyway and the salary is about the same.

If you’re shallow the job is like telling people how to get into tubes and help them with it. You also need to make sure that people are not too big or small and behave properly during the ride. Further is your job to make sure that sliding is safety.


kuva 3

There is one photo of Harbor Point, I forgot it yesterday


Ps. It’s crazy that in anywhere else it’s hard to find a summer job and here the employers come to u and ask if u need another one. So, come to Dells on May if you want to get one! 😀

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