Feelings, 2.5 days to flight, 0 days at home before September

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Where the first weeks of May disappeared? I’ve now done about all of my course work (86,5 credits, just to be able to go to exchange next spring, normally in Finland we take like 50-60 credits per year). Further I have packed my bags: 13 kilograms and 5,5 kilograms, not bad I think! 😉 12,5 kilos for new stuff and gifts left, haha. Now I’m travelling to Helsinki – there is only 2.5 days to flight, wow!


Kuopio today, +17 degrees, sun is shining… Nice last moments, I think (even thought I walked an hour with my luggage 😀 ). I have always loved summer, so much that I did not want to deliver to world before clocks were turned to summer time, haha (I delivered to world at 42th pregnancy week, like 3 hours after turning clocks). 😉

I feel happy, enthusiastic and excited but a bit unreal. I mean, I haven’t ever been abroad more than three week at a time and now I’m really going to US for 3,5 months. I had my last exam yesterday and after that I’ve been doing some must-do-before-leaving things at home and packed my stuff. My brain is still loaded with university things and hurry. At the moment I feel that I can only speak in Finnish and think about histology.

I know everything will go fine and the summer is going to be awesome. Anyway it’s kind of funny to think what would happen if I like forgot my name and start to speak Fi in US. 😀

Btw my coworkers are having bloggingmania, so if you want to read more Blogs from Dells (mostly in Finnish, unfortunately), please visit:

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PS. It should be 25 degrees (celcius) in Chicago next Tuesday, hell yeah! ❤


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