Visa interview for J1 and some goals for summer

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I had my visa interview in Helsinki on Monday. I was like super nervous because of it. I’ve never done anything illegal and I didn’t have any “real” reason to be nervous but I though that I cannot answer correctly or they ask my something I don’t understand or something like that. 😛 I’m happy to tell you, it’s not a big deal at all.


What happens in consulate when you’re going to visa interview (this is how things work in Helsinki)?

  1. Go to security check (such as at the airports)
  2. Give your papers to first clerk
  3. Go to second clerk when she or he asks you and give your fingerprints
  4. Go to third clerk when she or he asks you. This person will ask you some questions (this is the interview, for me the questions were like “how are you”, “what are you studying” and “is this your first year in that university” and that’s it 😀 )

Don’t worry about the interview. If you’re going and coming back with some good reason like working or studying, you have nothing to worry, trust me. I’m now waiting my visa, it should come in the beginning of next week.


Last few weeks I’ve been running around doing last school things, changing euros to dollars, taking vaccinations, buying tickets from Kuopio to Helsinki and from Chicago to Dells, visiting family members that I’ll see next time on fall… Busy woman? Yeah but I actually love this, it’s a lot more fun to have things to do than just sit home watching television. 🙂


During last weeks I’ve also wondered, what I want for summer and what can I get? I hope that I’ll learn to use English more naturally and fluently, get new friends around the world, see different ways to work and think, learn how to do small talk, (get tanned, heh :D), visit new places and do things I haven’t done before. I’ve also a (secret) ambition to be super good employee and get some bonus at the end of the summer, I heard that last summer the best ones got iPads (I already have two but the main thing is to hear you were awesome employee not the iPad). iPads reminded me about one of my goals for summer: become better Mac user. I’ve had my MacBook like eight months now and I’m still doing some things with my old Windows-based laptop. I’ll not take that old one with me so I just must learn how use Mac in everything I need to do.


I think that next week is going to be packing and studying histology (I’ll have exam like three days before my flight). 😀 My goal with packing is left at least half of my bag empty (super hard to me! I’m always taking things like five pairs of shoes and everything with me… Yes, I could buy new ones in States but what if I won’t find ones I like before I need them? It would be horrible, heh 😀 ).


Btw there are only 9 days to flight! 🙂



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