My Eastern holiday in Helsinki, Finland

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Streetview from centrum (Kaivokatu crossing Mannerheimintie, Shopping Center Forum on the right)

Eastern is generally eating and hanging out with family (at least for Finns). Traditionally Finnish people eat stuff like lamb, eggs, chocolate, pasha and different kind of buns In my childhood home we often eat chicken with orange rice and salad. Nowadays many young adults go to restaurants and eat not-so-traditional things.

I started my holiday on Thursday when I travelled to Helsinki by train. It takes about four hours from Kuopio to Helsinki but the time flies because of free Wi-Fi and a lot of things to study. In Finland there is also a restaurant car on the trains (super expensive I think but sometimes it’s nice to get an ice cream or tea during the journey).

When I arrived to Helsinki my dad picked me up and we went eating to restaurant named “I love food” located in Kamppi shopping centrum, there are buffet and portions of some African / Western food. Nice place and good food, I liked it. After eating we went to huge electronics store called located in Lauttasaari and bough me a new phone (iPhone with super cool pink covers, yeah!). From there he drove me to our relatives house where I’m living during my holiday.

I started my Friday with refreshing jogging. After that I visited American Car Show (and Tuning Car Show). It’s an enormous exhibition with hundreds of cars. Most of them are American cars from decades from 50’s to present day. I just love Chevys, Cadillacs, old Buicks… Now my camera is full of photos from there. 😀 We spend about six hours there and I think we still didn’t see all the cars. The exhibition is in Messukeskus, Helsinki from Thursday to Monday every Eastern. It takes at least one day to see the cars and take photos. There are also a lot of places where you can eat (everything from strawberries to rye bread chips and hamburgers) and shop souvenirs like toy cars and clothes. After seeing enough cars we walked to centrum. I think it’s quite nice to walk from Pasila to centrum via Kaisaniemi. I love seaside and parks there.

_MG_9068 _MG_9027 IMG_9169

My favorite ones from the show! I just love Chevys. Chevy Camaro (on the top left) would be super cool if painted with golden matte. One of my dreams is to have two cars: one big, fast and masculine looking like Camaro for the workdays and other for chilling out at summers, it could be something like cabriolet BMW. ❤ Yesterday we talked about cars with my friends and I decided that my goal is to buy 2020 Camaro when it’s possible. 😀 (In Finland very few students have cars because our public transportation is quite okay and people use carpools and rental cars too)

On Saturday I was swimming in Vuosaari swimming hall (it might be nice to train swimming a bit for summer. I’ll work three months in Dells, Wi as a lifeguard if some of you haven’t read my previous posts) and then we ate some Asian food in restaurant FLQ, Itäkeskus. Superb sushi and Chinese / Taiwanese food. I love almost everything from Asia – if you do so too, you must try this (or if you’re at Kamppi area I’d recommend you to try Tang Dynasty’s Chinese buffet)!

kuva 2

Sunday started with bouldering at the boulder center Cave, Konala. This was my first time there. I think that bouldering / climbing is not actually my thing but with a good company it’s fun to try new ways to do sports. After climbing I ate some traditional foods like lamb and went out for a walk. The night I was visiting my new colleagues at Café Mascot in Kallio.



Here is some park between Töölö and Centrum.

Today I’ll just relax and maybe go to swimming hall again. Btw I just love the weather in Helsinki, sun shines and it’s about 15-20 degrees Celsius. Sunglasses on and out, actually I’m sitting under the sun and blogging, not bad! 😀

Links: (only in Finnish) (only in Finnish)


Tomorrow I’ll travel back to Kuopio with like five bags, haha. Wish me luck!



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