I <3 Helsinki, my top 3 places for hanging out in Helsinki

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Helsinki… It’s the capital of Finland, half a million people and lots of things to see and do. One of my achieved dreams was to live there. I did so from 2009 to 2012. It’s definitely one of my favorite summer cities, so I’d like to introduce you my top places from Helsinki. This is not a typical tourist thing about statues and museums, I’d like to show you some nice places where I loved to spend my time. Let’s go!


1. Japanese Garden in Roihuvuori


Amazingly beautiful place to relax: take a good book and camera with you! Cherry trees, little footpaths around Japanese styled nature, squirrels hanging out at the trees… I’m very happy that my dad has an apartment nearby this garden! 🙂


2. Vuosaari area



A seaside view from my bro’s home


You do not need to go to Spain or Miami to take a walk on beach and see the seaside. Moreover there are some good restaurants, nice streets to walk and some wonderful pieces of modern architecture. Btw Vuosaari is just 20 minutes by metro from central railway station. 😉 If I’d move back to Helsinki, Vuosaari would definitely be one of the best option to move.


3. Esplanade


This is nice place in centrum. Many little shops like Marimekko (Finnish design shop), Louis Vuitton and nice little cafés. In the end of Esplanade there is a local open-air market where you can buy fish, vegetables, berries, bakings, etc. Maybe in there is better open-air market in Hakaniemi (about 4 minutes by metro from central railway station) but this one is good too. And then my favorite thing: benches and lawn where you can sit down with friends and have picnic – or if you forget to take some food with you, you can have a lunch in some of the restaurants there (for Example restaurant Kappeli is very popular and good) or just buy an ice cream and carry on shopping. Btw some tourist bus tours begin from there if you are interested.


… If you’re are interested in science and visit in Helsinki I recommend you to take M-train to Tikkurila and spend a day in Heureka, Finnish Science Center! There are changing science exhibitions, rats that play basketball (how cute!), planetarium and lots of fun. 🙂


– Visit Helsinki (tourist website in English) http://www.visithelsinki.fi/en

– Heureka, Finnish Science Center (in English) http://www.heureka.fi/en


What are your favorites in Helsinki? Feel free to comment and ask!



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