Why USA?

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1. Attitude

I’m person who loves to talk and smile a lot. Even though I’m Finnish I’m not the silent one when I’m in social situations. I love to meet new people and travel to new places. I’ve never been in US but I’m quite sure that Americans are a bit like me – always ready for a small talk, positive thinking and working for their dreams.

The biggest difference between Americans and Finns is definitely the way people speak about themselves and their dreams. For me in Finland it’s too usual to say “yeah, I will try, but…” I think it should be “yeah, I will do it – even if I need work hard for it”.


2. Possibilities

“There is nothing you can’t do” as Alicia Keys sings. There are a lot of different companies to work and cities to live and study. There are also thousands of hobbies and lots of events and new places to see. There is something to everyone, everyday.

As a medical student I’m very interested in highly valued research and advanced health care system. I’m very excited about my exchange next spring because I can study public health from American perspective and take some courses that are not possible to take in Finland. Further it would be superb to work or postdoc in USA, I think I would learn a lot by working and talking with American colleagues.


3. Diversity

Huge cities, popular beaches, Wild West, Grand Canyon, Redwood Trees, Mountains… I’m quite sure that there is almost everything I could imagine. If you are in Finland, you could see every cities and sights in few months but in US there is always something new to see and visit, how awesome is that!


4. Economics

Innovations, Wall Street, quite low taxes, better possibilities to good salaries, people who appreciate individual’s performance in work and life, inspiring leaders. These are first things that come in to my mind when thinking USA and economics. I think I need to get more information about these things but I’m quite sure that American way to do things would fit to me better than Finnish one.



Flag from: 1080wallpapers.com


Does that sound that everything is bigger and better in US? Yeah, maybe bigger but there are many things that I love in Finland – should I do a post about them? 🙂

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