What you need before travelling (from Finland) to USA

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Must haves before travelling to USA (from Finland)
– Visa or ESTA depending what you’re going to do, ESTA is for holiday visitors and different kind of Visas are for people who are going to be in US more than 90 days and people who will work or study during their stay. If you need visa, you should ask about it from your employer or school. From Finland it takes about two week from interview (at Embassy of USA in Helsinki) to get your visa.
– Passport (make sure that it is valid at least to the end of your stay)
– Flight tickets (with visa you can take one-way but with ESTA you need return ticket)
– Credit card(s) for example Visa, MasterCard and American Express are valid in most of shops
– Some dollars
– Driver’s license (and translation of it if you don’t have international or American one!)
– Collect or scan all your important contacts and scan or copy important papers
– Certificate of vaccination (MPR and DTaP-IPV-Hib at least, I have also take hepatitis A and B vaccination)
– Prescriptions if you have some medication

… And after all this formal stuff you can relax, go to Google and find all cool places where you’re going to be and things what you want to do! Yeah! 🙂

My journey at US starts on May (exact day is Tuesday 20th, 7 weeks and some days to beginning, wow!) when I will fly from Helsinki to Chicago. I and some of my coworkers will be there one or two days and then we take bus to Madison where your employer will pick us.

Do you want to help me with planning? Leave a comment where you answer a questions: “What are the must see things in Chicago?” and “How would you spend two days in Chicago (with friends)?”

Thanks for helping!



Beautiful Chicago picture from www.hdpaperwall.com . I just love that beach and architecture, can’t wait to get there! ❤


  1. Don’t forget that you’ll need a plug adapter for your USB electronics. Also many US ATMs require 5 digit ID numbers. If you have a 4 digit ID on your card add a “0” to the end.
    Rough Guides as a very nice smartphone app for Chicago sights. Also download the free Chicago Mass transit app (conversely, download MetrO and then the Chicago bus/train info)

    There are so many Chicago sites that 2 days isn’t enough. The Museum of Science and Industry, Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, Field Museum, Art Institute, Cloud Gate, take in a baseball game at Wrigley Field.


    1. I haven’t heard about that app or that ID thing, thanks a lot for tips Lady Light Travel! 🙂

      I agree that 2 days is not enough to see whole Chicago but that might be good because I’ll have a reason to visit it again. 😉 I’ll be working in Wisconsin, so I though that I could do some weekend trips to Chicago during the summer. Visiting Cloud Gate, Magnificent Mile and some Museum sounds good and Navy Pier too if there is some event when I’m in Chicago.

      I have wondered is there any must see places to eat (restaurants, cafés or picnic places, etc.)?


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