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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

Let’s start these blog with a little introduction of me…

I am 21 years old woman from Finland. During winter time I’m studying medicine (and some economics) in the university and spending time with my family, friends and pets. I love sports, photographing, travelling…

I think that the most important thing in live is to experience new things and make your dreams come true. I believe that hard to achieve is never same as impossible. For example when I was 14 and decided to get a summer job everyone laught to me and said that I’m so young that it’s just impossible to get job. Yeah, they were kind of right. I didn’t get the job, I made my job – I started to sell my bakings at the local plaza. It was fun and my customers loved me, and one of them offered me “a real job” as a strawberry salesperson.

During last year I have achieved many of my childhood dreams. It’s still hard to believe that I’m where I am. In next year I achieve some more:

1. I’ll be working in Wisconsin, USA next summer (almost everyone said me that it’s just impossible to get a job there. People said: “You won’t get the visa”, “They have enough people there, they don’t need you”… And now there only few weeks to going, yeah!)

2. Spring 2015 I’ll be studyin in Ohio (again an “impossible” thing, yeah in my university’s faculty of medicine it’s rare to become an exchange student in non-european countries. I admit that it is not the easiest thing to get the seat but again, you just need to believe in your dream and work for it.)

I though that it might be fun to have “a public diary”, also called blog. This is it. Here I will tell you about my life, mostly about my travels to US and my preparations to them. I hope that this blog will help you to prepare your own journeys. I also made this blog to my close relatives – now you do not need to email or call me everyday. 😉

Feel free to leave comments!



Here is some cherries from Hietaniemi beach, Helsinki, Finland. I just love summer and fresh things like these! 🙂

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